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"Be happy for this moment.
This moment is your life"

-Omar Khayyam

23. Connecticut.

I've spent a lot of my life being unhappy. I wasted days blaming people and circumstances for my unhappiness--but not anymore.

I want to be a person who enters the day with optimism. I don't want to waste a single moment. I want to shed the negativity of the past, and look forward to the hope of tomorrow. I want to live and laugh and love with every single atom of my being.

I'm beginning a life of peace, of happiness, and of love.



do u ever lay in bed and get really sad about ur favorite person because theyre not in the bed with u

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I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

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Image via We Heart It #blonde #fit #fitness #girl #sexy #sneakers #jordans #girlinjordan -


Image via We Heart It #blonde #fit #fitness #girl #sexy #sneakers #jordans #girlinjordan -

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"I don’t know why it is that I have always been happier thinking of somewhere I have been or wanted to go, than where I am at the time. I find it difficult to be happy in the present. "

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I feel pretty today. I feel happy. 

I feel pretty today. I feel happy. 

Let me break this down for you.

Yesterday I decided that it would be an AWESOME idea to watch a scary movie. Now, let me just tell you, this is ALWAYS  bad idea. Always. I am irrationally afraid of scary movies. I always want to watch them this time of year, and then I freak out as soon as it is over. For hours. HOURS. Not to mention that I have a 20 minute ride home, late at night, through a heavily wooded area. Yup, this was a great idea.

He picked out Halloween. I figured that wouldn’t be so bad, as I am normally only really freaked out by ghosts and fake shit with horrific faces. Well, of course Michael Myers has masks, and is super creepy and you can’t hear him coming and wahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just was freaking out.

Now, this boy. OMG THIS FUCKING BOY. He spends about forever talking me down from my irrational scary movie anxiety (what if my ex goes cray cray and decides becomes  a serial killer? what if he comes after me? what if, what if, what if? WHAT WAS THAT?! Oh, an acorn fell from a tree? ok…) No. WHAT DOES THIS BOY DO? He fucking takes his pocket knife and says “Here, put this in your purse so you have something to protect yourself with. And take my car phone charger so that your phone is fully charged so that you can call me if you need to, and you can text me when you get home.”


No. No. No one can POSSIBLY be so perfect as to have just found a way to care about me on that level. He seriously did not blow of my anxiety at all. He took careful consideration into MAKING DAMN SURE that before I left, I felt safe - even if what I was afraid of was irrational, and he knew it was irrational.

Like what? I have never been treated that way! I can’t even…




fun fact: the reason that the plural of goose is geese but the plural of moose is not meese is because goose derives from an ancient germanic word undergoing strong declension, in the pattern of foot/feet and tooth/teeth, wherein oo is mutated to ee. however ‘moose’ is a native american word added to the english lexicon only ~400 years ago, and lacks the etymological reason to be pluralized in that way.

Oh baby.  Keep talking dirty to me.

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